We established STTP Sp. z o.o. in 2016 out of the need to support business processes of our Customers. Our Customers are called by us Business Partners, because it is partnership that we build our mission on.

We pride ourselves and distinguish by the fact that we not only get to know in depth the areas of activity of companies that we cooperate with, but we do everything in order to understand their needs as best as we can. We put great emphasis on meetings and talks in every, even the smallest project. Such style of work allows us to use the best tools and the most effective solutions. This gives us a great base for work, whereas our Partners get comfort, but most of all the certainty that intended goals will definitely be attained.

We realise projects in a comprehensive way. We are willing to create key visuals, web applications and we deal with marketing. We are fully aware that our Partners don't need to be experts in the field of digital marketing. They've got us for that purpose!

That's why we don't ask if You are interested in a website, web application, gamification, a system for onboarding or visual identification. We ask whether Your company:

  • would like to acquire Customers more effectively?
  • would like to change or strengthen its image?
  • would like to show the world what it deals with?
  • would like to streamline internal processes?
  • would like to establish deeper relationship with employees?
  • perhaps it simply needs a new website, application or would like to exist on the Internet?

If yes, it means that we are at the right point for further talks. We are here in order to create a product adjusted to Your needs.

The young team, unrestrained: drive, ambition and hunger for new experiences enable us to realise successfully projects both for small companies and huge enterprises. Our portfolio is full of interesting and unconventional projects and our hands and heads are burning to further tasks.
Together we change every problem that is connected with the area of our activity into a challenge, in order to finally forge it into a success.


Our team is a permanent and harmonious group of people who has cooperated with each other for several years. Our team members include constantly creative graphic designers, precise front-end specialists, always perfect back-end specialists, but also always concrete project managers and executive cadre with many years of experience in digital industry.

Each project is approached by us like a challenge, we have heads full of ideas and we are always ready to act at the realisation of Your projects with constantly big involvement.

Maciej Zawierucha

/ Head of Programming

Tomasz Ślusarski

/ Head of Client Service


We create websites starting from simple LPs through corporate websites, ending with developed and elaborate content websites.

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We have a huge experience in creating competition mechanisms set on websites. In the form of simple quizzes, as well as in the form of more developed games.

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We create web applications that support the activity of our customers.

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